Situated in the east end of the island of Montreal. Pepiniere A. Mucci inc. is easily accessible to all clients in the area. We are the largest supplier of aggregate products such as sand, stone ,mulch, compost, grass, etc. and our specialty, soil mixtures in Montreal. Our company has been serving the City of Montreal for over 15 years as their official supplier for all of their projects be it Parks, Road works, Institutions, Community Gardens, Tree planting and Green Spaces. Our Superior Soils are tested frequently to allow for Great results for your future projects.




Selling quality products for superior performance. Fast service!

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– Plantation soil

– Garden soil

– Grass soil

– “Top dressing” soil

– Black Organic soil

– Compost

– Manure

– Pool or Beach Sand

– Masonnery or Washed sand

– Compaction Sand

– Ciment Sand

– Aggregate Stone, ( stone dust, 0-3/4″, 3/4 net, etc.)

– River Stone

– Marble Chips

– Cedar Mulch, (various colors)

– Flag Stone

– Dalles

– Grass rolls

– Borders, (ciment or plastic)

– Membrane

– Fertilizer, grass seed, etc.





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10065 Boul Henri-Bourassa E Montreal, QC H1C 1G5