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We Are the Largest Supplier of Bulk Products in Montreal. Accredited Supplier for the City of Montreal.

We Are Proud That We Have Been Serving You since 1978

Everything You Need for Your Landscaping!

We offer a wide variety of high-quality landscaping products for your residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Watering the plants

Your Preferred Garden Centre in Montreal

Every garden and green space needs the right kind of nourishment for the result you want to achieve. Any landscaping professional knows that to revive, maintain and recreate a beautiful outdoor landscape, you need the right products, including soil, compost, sand, and much more. Pépinière A. Mucci inc. offers a variety of landscaping products to help you with everything you need for your residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Located in Montreal, and working closely with institutions and businesses in Quebec, our superior quality products provide the ideal environment required for your trees, plants, and other decorative ideas.


Contact us directly for more information on our products or use our calculator to get an estimate.

At Your Service Since 1978

We are honored that we have been serving the Quebec community for several decades now and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with high-quality bulk products for all their landscaping needs. Our passion for our work is reflected in our continuous growth and our excellent service.

Landscaping Products for All Your Needs in Quebec

We are a retail gardening centre that serves the public with all the commodities involved in gardening such as flowers, plants, trees, fertilizers, grass seed, herbicides, etc. and all aggregate products such as soil, mulch, sand, stone, fertilizers, compost, slabs, and more. Discover the long list of products we provide below:

Bulk Products

Black soil

Yellow sandy soil

Arable soil

Clay soil



Pool sand

Decorative stones


Border planking


Cedar mulch

Aggregate i.e., 0-¾", ¾" net, ½" net rock dust


River pebble

White stone

Residential Products

Garden soil mix

Planting soil mix

Top dressing soil mix

Sodding soil mix

Black soil

Cow manure

Concrete sand

Pool sand

River pebbles



Lava sand (masonry)

Crushed stone: 1/2″, 3/4″, 0 - 3/4″, screening, etc.

Cedar mulch (black, red, brown, natural, etc.)

White marble

Everything for the garden

Seeds and fertilizer

Products for Contractors

Commercial soil

Yellow sandy soil

Black soil

Municipal soil type #2 Vmtl.

Clay soil

Cedar mulch

White marble

Vegetable compost


Concrete slabs

Ultra-light soil mix

Arable soil

Super mix top-dressing

Municipal soil type #1 Vmtl.

USGA sports soil mix

Peat moss

River pebble

Red brick dust




Sand mixture for baseball field

Your One-Stop-Shop for Landscaping and More

Our services go far beyond the ordinary garden centre. We provide flowers, trees, plants, shrubs, natural rock products, river sand, and much more, delivered by our state-of-the-art trucks. We ensure always on-time delivery and pick-up by our knowledgeable and experienced staff members, who are always courteous and professional. You can count on us for absolutely everything you need as a contractor, landscaper, municipality, government institution or office because we have all the equipment you need for road work, parks, lawns, construction and renovation projects, and more.

Professional Affiliations

Accredited for the City of Montreal

Official government supplier of bulk products

Service Area



Building a Herbal or Vegetable Garden?

Get everything you need at our garden centre! We also have a variety of flowers, trees, and more.


Bulk Products for Any Project

We stock a wide variety of bulk products for your large-scale projects or commercial activities.


Are You a Landscaper?

Our landscaping products are ideal for all outdoor construction and renovation projects in Quebec.

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