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High-Quality Bulk Landscaping Products in Montreal

When you need large quantities of landscaping and gardening products, you can call on Pépinière A. Mucci inc. in Quebec. We stock a wide variety of high-quality bulk products that are ideal for all your large-scale projects. Whether you are creating or restoring a lawn, installing a pool, laying paving stones, creating a decorative garden wall, or a new flower bed, the bulk landscaping products we have in stock are what you need to achieve the results that your heart desires. If you're making a significant investment, you should be able to rely on a team that's right for the job to be carried out and is managed by experienced professionals.

Our decades of experience in this field will ensure that your project, whether residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial, will be a success thanks to the quality of the products we offer and the speed of delivery.


Contact us today to place an order, and if you would like to get an estimate des produits dont vous avez besoin pour vos projets d'aménagement paysager, utilisez notre calculateur. Nous restons à votre disposition pour répondre à toutes vos questions.

What We Offer


Soil for lawns

Planting soil

Black soil

Top soil - dressing

Peat moss


Sandy soil

Super-mix soil


Pool sand

Play sand

Compaction sand

Concrete sand

Crushed Stones

Rock dust

Stones 0 - 3/4'' net

Stones 3/4'' net

Stones 1/2'' net

Stones 1/4'' net

Recycled stones

Decorative Stones

White stone 3/4'' net

White stone 1/8'' net

River pebbles from 1'' to 2''1/2

River pebble 3/4'' net

River pebble 1/8'' net

Stones for rock garden

Flat stones

Cedar Mulch






Pine bark

Forest mulch


Vegetable compost

Cow manure

Need Bulk Gardening Supplies?

Contact us directly to place an order or to inquire about a specific product you need for your project.

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