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Watering the plants

All Types of Gardening and Landscaping Products in Montreal

Whether you're looking to make your garden look splendid in the summer and spring or need specialized soil and plants for your commercial landscaping projects, Pépinière A. Mucci inc. provides high-quality products to meet all your specific requirements. Serving the Québec community since 1978 from its garden centre, this family-owned business is dedicated to stocking the largest variety of trees, seeds, shrubs, vegetables, flowers and other gardening and landscaping-related items in Quebec. Our team of experienced and competent employees will be able to help you by giving you judicious advice with regard to your choice and selection.


Contact us today if you want more information on our services or use our calculator to get an estimate on our bulk products.

Our Products

Our wide variety of landscaping products includes:

Seeds and Fertilizers


Pine bark

Black cedar mulch

Mulch for playgrounds

Natural mulch

Red, black, and brown cedar mulch

Forest mulch


And much more!


Crushed stone 0-3/4", ¾" net, ½" net rock dust

River pebble, ¾"-2 ½", 3/4"-1", 1/8"

Whitestone, 3/4"-1"

And much more!


Play sand

Washed mortar sand

Polymer sand

Compactage sand

Pool sand

And much more!

Membranes and Borders



12'' nails

And much more!

Our Nursery Looks Forward to Seeing You

Make an appointment with one of our consultants to help you in your choice.

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